Man, this live action Far Cry 3 video is so messed up. Funny at times, but there's a lot of creepiness to it, as well. I'm sure Kotaku has to have already highlighted it, but if not, they should. It's advertising for the game, but it's brilliant.

The PS4 is looking quite interesting. Though, this Gaikai streaming technology being so integrated makes me think they're going to announce a monthly fee for online support. This kind of infrastructure is going to cost them a lot to build and maintain, and they have got to have some kind of continual charge for it. …

So, it's Sony console announcement day and... the Internet is pulling out all the stops. I haven't seen all of the mockups fans have made, but I saw this image that has been going around in the last few hours as a leaked image of the PS4 and... I don't know if this is real. It's surprisingly compelling, especially…

Someone I was talking to brought up an interesting thing. The Dead Island: Riptide Zombie Bait edition. After the developer apologized and said they weren't supporting the included statue anywhere in the world... what has happened to the Zombie Bait edition?

Dang, while everyone thought the 3DS XL was on sale at Best Buy through Saturday(and tons of sites said so), the sale apparently ended yesterday. Weird. Well, hey, I can wait even longer. The $30 off was sort of just the extra nudge, but it's alright. I guess I'll join the 3DS future at the next sale.

So, I finally picked up Sleeping Dogs on the PC, and... it's borked. I'll load up and I'll start setting up, and it will just freeze. Then it becomes a white screen and I get a notice that HKship .exe has stopped responding.


Wow. Sony just ended their CES press conference and... nothing about the PlayStation and gaming. It's their one division really doing well, and they gave it maybe a few seconds of mention at the beginning before rushing to promote new 3D TVs(whoops, I mean, 4K TVs).

Been watching Nvidia's CES presentation, and oh my goodness, the future of graphics and processing is exciting. Their new Tegra 4 is looking real slick and should improve mobile gaming quite a bit, and their new cloud processing tech seems very nice, as well. Playing high in PC games on just about anything. (then…